Montacute House   The Northern Lights   Regency House Party

On her thirteenth birthday, Cess Perryn discover a precious pendant in the chicken coops where she works. Is it meant for her? A boy is found dead on the banks of the river and her best



Winner of the National Biography Prize, The Northen Lights offer a brilliant account of the mind and achievements of one of history's most visionary scientists and takes the reader on a quest to



Regency House Party is a beautifully written, lavishly illustrated and hugely informative book. The high drama and decorum of Britain, two hundred years ago, is expertly brought to



Lucy is the author of two non-
fiction titles, ‘Regency House
and ‘The Northern Lights’,
the outline for which won the National Biographer’s Prize.
Her latest book, ‘Montacute House’, is a fascinating tale of Elizabethan mystery and romance.

“Jago tells a rattling good yarn.”
The Sunday Times

“Lucy Jago sure has talent.
I highly recommend ‘Montacute House’, it's brilliant, honest.
It hooks you from the first page, barges its ways into your top priority list and gives you little memos, forcing you to finish it.
Do not have any serious obligations whilst reading this.”
The Book Bug