About Lucy Jago      

Lucy Jago is the award-winning author of three books and an irregular contributor to magazines and several national newspapers. Before
writing full-time, Lucy produced and directed history, arts and social documentaries for the BBC and Channel 4.
      She graduated from King’s College, Cambridge, with a double-first
class honours degree and two scholarships and went on to complete an
MA at the Courtauld Institute in London.
      Now that ‘Montacute House’ is finished, Lucy is working on an adult
historical novel then plans to complete the second Cess Perryn book
in the three-part series that began with ‘Montacute House’. She writes
about what fascinates her and has written both fiction and non-fiction,
for adults and for teenagers.
      Lucy lives in London with her husband and three children and
welcomes your comments, questions and suggestions.
        Lucy will be attending various events in 2010. For dates and timing, please view the Events section.

    Lucy Jago
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